Heroes Emerge Following North Country NY Home Fire

What started as a normal Monday afternoon for two Paul Davis restoration specialists in a suburban neighborhood north of Syracuse, New York, quickly became an emergency they never expected.  Immediately after arriving in the residential neighborhood, Kainein Carey and Dallas Wilson of Paul Davis of North Country NY were surprised… Read more »

Stopping Termite Damage Early

Spring: the time of year that termites love best. That’s when these pale insects, measuring ¼ to ½-inches in length, take wing in groups to found new colonies. While most of the tiny fliers become lunch for animals and birds, it takes just a single pair to launch a colony… Read more »

Why it’s Smart to Avoid Unscrupulous Restoration Companies

Some surprises are great. Others, well, can be a real disaster. At Paul Davis Restoration we’ve heard some terrible stories from homeowners and business customers who rushed to hire a restoration company in their panic following property damage from storms, fires, smoke and floods. In emergency situations, it’s normal for… Read more »

After a Flood or Fire This Can Be A Critical Decision

Is It Wiser to Hire A Single, Full-Service Restoration Company Or Assign Work to Individual Select Companies? A trend is becoming more common among insurance carriers managing disaster mitigation and restoration: breaking a job into pieces and assigning specific parts of the process to multiple providers. On a large commercial… Read more »

Drones to the Rescue for Roof Damage and Restoration

Paul Davis disaster restoration firms are training new recruits. These modern experts shrug off long hours and work tirelessly. They’re suited up for hard duty seconds after arrival at a job site and quickly airborne as near perfect colleagues when it comes to evaluating roof damage and planning restoration efforts.… Read more »